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Adonis Pigalle

The hottest hog in town

Adonis is the master of manners and the king of the stage. The audience is howling with happiness when this multi-talented male charms everyone with his muscular body. He can be found in aerobic contests and night clubs alike outside of Maniatown. For him fame is everyday, because there's always a buzz around him. He aims to be the best at what he does, and his talent knows no limit. Adonis is here to stay.


Bonnie Raeven

Breathtakingly beautiful gothic queen

Bonnie the boutique keeper also works as the frontfigure of her alternative fashion collection. This cool and calm bunny often spend her evenings with her friends in the nightlife of Maniatown. Although she has to balance between her career and love life, she's able to manage with the help of her organised character. The dreams of being the fashion icon of tomorrow keep her going. And remember not to get on her bad side, because once she get's angry, it's not easy to calm her down.


Bucky Rottens

A Punk with a big heart

Bucky's music has a ring for the value of the wilds. He cares about the environment at least as much as the tone of his guitar. Only the small things in life worry him in addition to the ways of the world nowadays. Although absent-minded, this reindeer never forgets to recycle. Bucky spends his daytime in his brother's music shop or training with his band. His late night hours are for idling in the backyard tending his herb garden.

GG Koala B

GG Koala B

Rhyming smooth-talker

The coolest customer in the underground scene, GG Koala B can top anyone in a rap battle. He's got enough attitude to fill the spot for the top dog in the Outback. GG's life has snapped into place on its own, and all he's had to do is to reap the fame and fortune for himself. It is said that he was born with a silver microphone in his mouth. He lives in the moment and will not let reality get in between him and his dreams. Get ready for the bling!