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Game types


Kleptomania: The urge to steal things.

Steal the stacks of cards from your friends using the special attributes on the cards. The stacks grow larger as the game advances and the player with the largest loot wins.

Players steal cards during their turn by playing a card that matches the top card on a target stack. Combinations of colour-character, colour-number or character-number apply. The stacks grow as the game advances and finally the player with the most cards wins. With the use of special cards it is possible to deposit your own stacks or get a bigger loot. The game ends as soon as a player has six stacks.


Pyromania: The need to set things on fire.

Construct six buildings and burn down the other players' houses before they reach the goal. Red and yellow cards represent fire, blue cards extinguishing and green cards buildings.

The players try to construct six buildings and at the same time burn down the buildings of other players before they can reach the goal. Green cards represent buildings, red and yellow cards fire and blue cards extinguish. The higher the numerical value on a building, the harder it is to set it on fire. With the use of special cards the players can boost their actions or even perform multiple actions during a single turn.


Nymphomania: An exceptionally strong sex drive.

Help the male characters conquer the only female in the game. The player with the finest catch wins. It's the time for pickup-lines from the heavens or to sabotage the chances of other men.

Bonnie-cards form up a deck, from which the top card is revealed every turn. The players must play male characters with a colour matching to Bonnie's, until nobody can top their effort. The players fight for the grace of Bonnie, and finally the player with the most valued Bonnies wins. With the use of special cards the players can dish out pick-up -lines from the heavens or sabotage the efforts of others. The game ends when a player conquers six Bonnies.


Businessmania: Need to make a profit off stock market.

Manipulate the stock value of the character's companies and buy the best shares for yourself. The stock market can surprise you and the share value of an unwary player can crash.

The blue cards represent the shares of the four characters' companies. The green cards boost up their value and the red cards drop it. The yellow cards mark the currency used to buy the shares. During ones turn, the player can manipulate the stock market and buy the shares. The game ends when a player starts the turn with six shares. Afterwards the value of each share is calculated and the total value of each players holdings are counted as well. Worst case scenario: you score a hefty amount of minus-points. With good luck, you can get hundreds of points.


Cartomania: An exceptional need to explore vast uncharted areas.

Chart the grid made of the cards. The best areas go to the player with the most tactical play, but the player with the most valuable treasure will finish strong.

The cards are set up as a grid. The goal is to open closed cards by playing matching cards on the grid. The combinations are colour-character, colour-number and character-number. When a vertical or a horizontal line is completed, the player draws a scoring card. Some cards might include treasures. With the use of special cards, mapping can be made easier or even extra actions are possible. The game ends when the whole grid is opened.


Memorymania: The obsession to improve one's memory.

Good old classic memory game in which you collect pairs. This game is suitable for all players, regardless of age or gaming experience. A classic with a manic twist.


Hypermania: Severe mania.

Get rid of your hand as soon as possible. In this game, you will be able to play multiple cards in a row, but be careful not to trap yourself.

The players try to get rid of their cards by playing a card with a bigger numerical value than that of the previous one, but still matching a character or a colour. Multiple cards can be played if the characters/colours match. With the use of special cards, the pile can be discarded or other players can be forced to draw extra cards. The first player with an empty hand wins.