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Wall of the Dead

They were everywhere. All the corners filled with those rabid zombies, crawling around, attacking everyone. At the moment climbing up to the roof sounded like a good idea... which it wasn't. With no way to run, you are doomed to wait for your slow death. This time, the zombies are crawling up the wall... the wall of the dead!

Wall of the Dead is a figure balancing game with zombies. It is about dexterity and hand coordination. The player is controlling the zombie horde and is competing against other player piling up zombies on his or her own wall. Fastest player wins the game.


・ Dexterity game
・ 2 players
・ Age 6+
・ Game length 15 min
・ Real-time
・ Zombie figures are balanced on top of each other
・ Fastest player to connect zombie horde to the survivor figure wins the game

In development

Wall of the Dead was tested at the Essen Spiel 2013 board game fair. We are improving the game based on the feedback. We are proceeding to crowd funding, stay tuned!

Wall of the Dead photos